Monday, May 8, 2017

Why is quality content and frequent posting important?

Due to ongoing changes within the digital marketing industry and the algorithmic updates from Google over the past few years, proper content creation and marketing could now be considered as the new SEO.

By having remarkable and shareable content on your website, you will be perceived as more relevant than your competition and develop an authoritative presence within your own industry/niche; thus becoming more effective and successful.

To fully understand the importance of great content, you only need to take a look at Google’s Webmaster Guidelines:

“Make sure that your site adds value. Provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.”

There are three (3) main reasons why quality content/blogging is SO important:
  1. It increases the amount of traffic and rankings for your website 
  2. Attracts more qualified and targeted leads through referrals
  3. Encourages sharing and social engagement

Increase Traffic & Rankings For Your Website
Google’s algorithms are now so incredibly sophisticated that they are now able to detect how frequently content is added to a website. Now, in addition to the quality and quantity of your content, the major search engines are also rewarding high SERP rankings for how often you are contributing. When a remarkable piece of content is shared through a website or blog, the creator inevitably come across as an industry expert, which will not only keep visitors returning to your site/blog, but can also turn these readers into potential customers.

Attracting Qualified & Targeted Leads
A great way to gain natural, organic backlinks to your site is to offer content that other people within your industry and/or niche would want to link to as well. Providing link bait like this an excellent way to optimize your site for search and establish your self as an expert, or someone who is up to date on all of the current trends, etc.

Encourage Sharing & Social Engagement
When you share content or give away any free value, it allows your business to build trust with its readers. After all, you’re providing them with industry tips and information… For FREE!